Facilitating practical solutions

The Festival is organised by Sustainable Living Tasmania, we're a not-for-profit organisation, which facilitates practical solutions to living sustainably and helps nurture connections between individuals, organisations, ideas and the ecosystems which allow us all to flourish.

The Sustainable Living Festival offers information and access to expert advice for a spectrum of sustainable solutions that help people improve their health and comfort in the home.  It’s a dynamic and colourful affair, offering the best in sustainable products and services, expert advice and showcases new or innovative ideas, designs and technology.  The Festival offers lots of places to sit down and strike up a conversation with a stranger or a friend; opportunities to learn a new skill; activities for the whole family which allow you to enjoy the simple things; delicious local and seasonal fare; and an opportunity to join the sustainable living movement to create transformational change together.


The Sustainable Living Festival has grown from its beginnings in 1998 in a car park into a highlight of the Tasmanian event calendar at Princes Wharf 1.  Now in its 18th year, the Festival brings Hobart comes to life with a wealth of energy and innovation with around 10,000 people attending the event annually.

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