Event partnerships

You can run an event independently or with us at our event space.  We're keen for creative event collaborations and partnerships. Here are a few options:

Independent Event

If you rent our attractive, cost effective event space but wish remain autonomous and run the event on your own, we will assist with any queries regarding the space and train you in the use of audio visual equipment provided.  From there your organisation is in charge of putting together, running, and promoting the event.   

Sustainable Living Tasmania Supported Event

If you are an affiliated organisation we can help promote your event via our website Events Calendar and Facebook.  We will provide an event manager who will assist with any queries regarding the event space to ensure your event goes smoothly.  Supported event opportunities are assessed on an individual basis. 

Sustainable Living Tasmania Partnership Event

If you are looking for a partner to help bring a great event or workshop idea to fruition then SLT’s event partnership option can help with this. SLT can help you organise and promote the joint event via our numerous communication channels including SLT website, enewsletter, SLT Events Calendar and Facebook. Event partnership opportunities are assessed on an individual basis.