We're happy to partner with ENJO as they have good environmental policies and a great attitude. Here's a message from their representative:

Start to live chemical free today!

ENJO is Australia’s leading chemical free cleaning brand, helping rid their homes of toxic cleaning chemicals for over 20 years.

In head to head tests ENJO consistently outperforms traditional chemical and green cleaners.

University tested and scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria¹, simply with water, ENJO is the 21st century cleaning product that cleans better, faster and safer than ever before. Around 17,000 people every year are poisoned by household chemicals². Why use toxic chemical cleaners when cleaning with ENJO is as easy as Wet, Wipe, Dry!

Manufactured exclusively in Austria using 21st century Fibre technology, your ENJO products will keep cleaning for up to 3 years which means big savings for you and reduce impact on the environment.

ENJO Australia’s founder, Barb de Corti established the innovative social selling company in 1994. As a mother of a young son who suffered asthma and eczema, Barb searched for an alternative cleaning solution that was safe and didn’t involve toxic chemicals. After discovering ENJO and noticing an improvement in her son’s health immediately, she quickly saw the potential. ENJO has since changed the lives of allergy and Asthma sufferers across Australia and provides a safer, healthier and easier way to clean.
Come and visit the ENJO stand at the Sustainable Living Festival to learn more about how to clean chemical free in your home today.

ENJO – Clean Better, Live Better

¹ Murdoch University Studies
² Poisons Information Centres Australia