eNews September 2021


Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania

2021 Annual General Meeting reminder
People meeting

We invite all members to our 2021 Annual General Meeting on Thursday 23rd September at 7pm in the upstairs function room at the Duke of Wellington Hotel.

In addition to the formal AGM items below, Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds will speak about what cities are doing globally to secure a safe climate. In December 2020, she joined the the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) Board, as a representative for the 37 GCoM cities around Oceania [GCoM press release]. Lord Mayor Reynolds is also an ICLEI Regional Executive Committee member and GCoM Oceania Committee member.

Agenda Items
  • Confirm the minutes of the preceding AGM;
  • Presentation of the 2020/21 Annual Report;
  • Presentation of the 2020/21 Audited Financial Report;
  • Appointment of the auditor and determination of the auditor's remuneration;
  • Election of the members of the Board of Management.

    Please RVSP if you wish to attend.

SLT President's Letter
Shaking hands

Dear SLT Members and Supporters

Sustainable Living Tasmania Inc has a proud history and an important mission to help Tasmanians take positive, practical actions toward happy, healthy and sustainable lives.

We have been on a journey towards sustainability ourselves, and ensuring that we use our resources in the most effective way, noting that the threats, particularly for climate change, is massive, and there is an immediate need for everybody to take action.

I am pleased to say that the Tasmanian Government is taking action, and a number of steps can be seen in the recently announced Budget:
  • The establishment of a combined Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania
  • $3 million Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme
  • $1.5 million Carbon Neutral Destination – Tourism Carbon Audit
Energising Tasmania is a $16.1 million program to build the workforce of tomorrow that will help Tasmania become a leading exporter of renewable energy, to the rest of Australia, and the world. To address the climate crisis, we must act globally, and use Tasmania’s world-class renewable energy resources to help the world transition to a cleaner future. I am currently the Project Director for Energising Tasmania.

There is funding available under the Energising Tasmania workforce development funds that may align with SLTs project capability, and there may also be funding available through the Department of State Growth for event support and attraction, which may align with a revived Sustainable Living Festival or Expo.

My current role makes it impossible for me to do both my job and lead Sustainable Living Tasmania in the direction I think it should take - to put the best case forward for why it should access these funds to deliver a more sustainable Tasmania.

It is for this reason that I need to, with regret, resign as President of Sustainable Living Tasmania Inc.
I hope to continue on the Board in the medium term, while excluding myself from any information or discussions relating to what SLT proposes to do with these opportunities.

The challenge is still great, and one which SLT must play its part, working with stakeholders, bringing the community together to build a better future for Tasmania and the endangered planet we live on together.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Alexis Wadsley:  Ex-President, SLT

(SLT Vice President Margaret Steadman has stepped in as the interim president until the AGM)

Sustainable House Day
Sustainable House

A month of in-depth webinars with experts and homeowners, interactive house tours, bringing you in-depth information and insight into building or renovating sustainable homes. Sessions starting on Monday 23rd September.

This will culminate in a day of free online sessions with homeowners, builders and architects streamed live on 18th October 2021.

28th Richard Jones Memorial Lecture
Dr Dana Bergstrom

Monday Oct. 11th 2021 (time to be confirmed), Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, UTAS, Sandy Bay campus, and via Zoom. Put this in your diary now, more details later. 

Here is the fascinating topic:
Why is Antarctica important?

For some, Antarctica is a myth, for others it's the centre of everything. Come on a breathtaking journey exploring this realm beginning with Antarctica’s Gondwanan origin. With Antarctica's detachment from South America and Australia more than 30 million years ago, the Circumpolar Current developed, the oceans cooled and the land began to freeze, transforming the once forested continent to a predominantly icy one. Iconic species including emperor penguins and specialised ecosystems evolved and today, this life faces major conservation challenges including ecosystem collapse. It may feel like a long way away, but Antarctica is anything but remote to Australia and the rest of the world, and Antarctic science is delivering many emergent lessons for us.

And the lecturer is ....
Dr Dana M. Bergstrom, Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctica – valued, protected and understood personifies Dr Dana Bergstrom's vocation. She is an applied Antarctic ecologist who, for decades, has championed evidence-based conservation science in biodiversity, biosecurity, and impacts of climate change. Skilled at science translation and distilling complexity, she recently led the exploration of ecosystem collapse from Australia’s tropics to Antarctica, delivering innovative options for modern conservation. She is a 2021 Eureka Prize Finalist for Leadership in Innovation and Science.