eNews May 2023


Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania

President's Report
Margaret's Garden

Dear SLT members and supporters

Thank you so much to all of you who supported the Big Weekend of Sustainable Living Ideas in Brighton at the end of March. It was a huge success, and wonderful to have such generous support from the Brighton Council and MONA, and to collaborate with Jordan River Services through the Bridgewater and Gagebrook Community Houses.

An account of the event from our Community Engagement (Events) Coordinator, Sandra Astill (who I think has just about recovered!) is part of this newsletter so I will leave the rest to her.

As well as being totally engaged in the organising and on-the-day volunteering for the Big Weekend, your SLT Board has been working on refreshing our strategic vision and mission. Millie Rooney from Australia reMADE helped us work on new statements that we believe better meet the 2020s and beyond. You can read about it here.

Lissa Villeneuve (whom many of you will know well!) is going to help the Board identify the practical expression of these principles.

Circular Economy Huon

Speaking of ideas that are relevant to the 2020s, I want to recommend to you a timely and important weekend seminar being organised by Circular Economy Huon.

They have invited Associate Professor Steven Hail from Torrens University and the Modern Money Lab to present an intensive program of information and discussion around the theme of ‘Rethinking Capitalism – Economics where People and Environment Matter’. The Seminar is over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 27 – 28 May in Ranelagh Hall. I’m looking forward to re-organising my brain about economics. I hope to see you there. You can register here.

Stay warm – winter is definitely coming! Lots of kale and silverbeet from my garden in this winter’s menus I think.

Margaret Steadman (SLT President)

Big Weekend update
Big Weekend talks

Big Smiles All Round at the BIG Weekend of Sustainable Living Ideas

Clear blue skies, enthusiastic exhibitors and presenters, generous partners, fantastic venues, wonderful entertainers and smiles all round all describe the outcomes of SLT’s BIG Weekend of Sustainable Living Ideas. It was a weekend that saw SLT engaging with communities, business and corporate organisations, with everyone coming together to share ideas, to educate and create connections that will ultimately help create sustainable changes to the way we all live.

It was exciting to see the crowds in the Brighton Civic Centre as they weaved their way through the myriad of stalls positioned in both the foyer and the main hall.

The conversations were positive and plentiful, interrupted only by the sound of the school bell rung by President, Margaret Steadman to draw everyone’s attention to what was about to happen in the adjoining lecture theatre.

E-Forum:  'Plastics - where to from here?'
eForum - Plastics

It is E-Forum time again, and on 6 June you have the chance to be inspired from your own living room and listen as 'Plastics - where to from here' is discussed.  

Register to be part of the online audience to hear Brad Mashman from Recovery (Tas), a company that has always worked as a triple bottom line company, structuring its business activities, policies, and operating procedures to balance wealth generation, with social capital leading to societal behaviour change.