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Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania

Dear Members and Friends
Community Connections

Dear Members and Friends of SLT
This year has been pretty much a mixed bag of hopefulness and horrors at all levels. Here is some of the good things that are happening on our Tasmanian patch to inspire you.

Since the AGM in September we’ve been really busy, Sandy Astill and Todd Houstein in particular. There’s an account of some of what they’ve been doing below and where Sandy is looking for help. And there is some news of the Net Zero Channel group for more inspiration.

At the AGM, it was wonderful to welcome fresh members to the Board. They are adding their brief bios to the website so you can learn a bit more about them here.

I’ve been re-reading a piece Tim Hollo wrote in 2019 which ends with this statement which I reckon sums up what SLT is about:
…. urban living in harmony with the natural world, brought together with deep democracy and cultivating social cohesion, is the only path to survival.
The SLT Board and staff send their warm wishes for a restorative and joyful break, however you celebrate this festive season.

Margaret Steadman President - Dec 2022

SLT Energised Learning
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This term, 28 Huonville High School students worked in teams led by eight mentors on a challenge to design and build the most effective model solar hot water system using waste and common household materials. Each team mentored by an expert in renewable energy, solar hot water, and/or engineering design worked together for three weeks planning and building their designs. 

One student commented, “I like doing it instead of just planning it. I loved hearing about the different experiences from the mentors and their different perspectives, and I was actually inspired to go to Uni by both the mentors. I’m interested in doing something with engineering.”

Big Weekend
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The BIG Weekend of Sustainable Living Ideas
Our Community Engagement and Events Coordinator reporting:

If you haven’t heard about this yet, you mustn’t be following the Sustainable Living Tasmania Facebook page – something I highly recommend you do! This brand new, free event will be held across the weekend of the 25th and 26th March 2023 at 2 venues – The Brighton Civic Centre and the MONA owned Botanical Institute at Bridgewater.

It is exciting to be hosting The BIG Weekend, and even more exciting to have been invited to do so by Brighton Council and the 24 Carrot Garden program.

Net Zero Channel
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Net Zero Channel (NZC) began in late 2021 as a group of concerned citizens from Kettering, Snug, Coningham and Woodbridge to try to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. Initially modelled on the UK village of Ashton-Hayes, NZC aims to work with our communities to provide activities, education and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We gained strong community support at our initial information session last May, with assistance from Sustainable Living Tasmania and other local community leaders as well as a small Kingborough Council Community Grant.  We established a Facebook page and, growing to nearly 100 members, we became an incorporated not-for-profit association in August.

To date, NZC has had 3 public events:

  • our amazingly successful Snug Electrikhana in August where over 400 people from the regional area came to have a look at and drive one of @ 30 locally owned EVs (wonderfully supported by Channel EV owners, AEVA and the Good Car Company)
  • at NZC in Conversation we presented the film Regen and held group discussions to identify priority areas for NZC in 2023,
  • and finally NZC attended Snug Primary Schools Jingles Christmas celebration to engage kids and parents in our future programs. These and other lines of communication make it clear that there is a real groundswell of community interest and commitment in taking local climate action—within Tasmania, nationally and beyond—we are finding like-minding groups getting on with carbon-reduction programs everywhere!

Net Zero Channel is planning a big year in 2023.