Use an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle

fuel.pngIf you can’t do without a car, consider buying an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle.

Road traffic produces about 20% of Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing an electric, hybrid or other fuel-efficient vehicle could significantly reduce your emissions and save you money on fuel. On top of this, vehicles also emit air pollutants such as hydrocarbons and particulate matter, which cause smog and impact on human health. Exactly what and how much a vehicle emits depends on the type of fuel it uses, and how much fuel it consumes.

We're on the cusp of an electric vehicle future

There are already scores of all-electric vehicles on Tasmania's roads, including in government and business vehicle fleets, as well as owned by individuals. Upfront purchase cost is still quite high, but it's really worth looking into as they are so much cheaper to run. Range is the other issue, but for the vast majority of travel needs their range is more than adequate. And you can always borrow or hire a car for that occasional road trip. We'll be looking to partner with an electric car supplier soon, so watch this space!

Other efficient vehicles

All new light vehicles sold in Australia now come with a nifty fuel consumption label on their windscreens. This label tells you a vehicle’s fuel use per 100 kilometres (L/km) and its emissions of carbon dioxide, in grams, per kilometre (g/km). The lower the figures, the better. 

Make sure to look at both figures to get the full picture. For example, a LPG-powered car will have a higher fuel use than most, but its carbon dioxide emissions will be extremely low.

You can also look up a car’s fuel consumption online. If you’re looking at a car made from 1986 to 2003, go to the Fuel Consumption Guide Database. For vehicles sold since 2004, the Green Vehicle Guide is a useful comparison tool.