Draught proof your home

draughts.pngDraughts often account for 25% of heat loss in a home.

Have you ever stood in your home on a windy night and watched your curtains sway or your doormat gently rise at the edges with each gust of wind? There are all sorts of gaps and crevices in homes where warm or cool air can leak in and out, and each one of them reduces the efficacy of your home insulation. In fact, draughts often account for 25% of heat loss in a home.

Draught proofing is a fuss-free and cheap way of reducing your energy bills and use. It’s also a particularly good option for renters looking to improve their home’s efficiency and warmth.

When thinking about draught proofing, consider which parts of your home could be allowing air exchange. Common culprits are windows, doors, disused chimneys, gaps in floorboards, light recesses, fans, vents, skirting boards and cornices. An easy way to find draughts is to hold a candle or incense stick near (but not too near!) these areas when it is windy and watch to see if the flame or smoke quivers.