Install double-glazing

window.pngReduce heat loss through your windows with a double-glazed unit or retrofitted window film.

In Tasmania, we need to maximise how much sun enters our homes during winter, while at the same time reducing heat loss. Therein lies a dilemma, because heat loss through a window can be ten times greater than heat loss through an insulated wall.

Double-glazing can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 60 per cent, while still letting in those warm sunny rays. You can replace your existing windows with double, triple or even quadruple glazed window units. This method uses two or more panels of glass, with sealed air (or an inert gas) between each panel. The air reduces heat transfer and acts as an insulator.

The DIY options

A more economical but still effective option is to retrofit your windows using special clear window film. The film is attached to your window frame using tape, and shrunk to size with a hair dryer. This creates the same effect as a double-glazed unit. Another option more suited to windows in high traffic areas is to install a sheet of Perspex inside your window frame, making sure to leave an air gap between the Perspex and glass.

If the window you are retrofitting has little solar exposure, bubble wrap is another good insulator. Static is usually enough to keep the wrap in place, but a mist of water on the glass will help to secure it. Make sure to position the wrap with the bubbles against the window.