Don't Waste Hobart

City of Hobart logoDon't Waste Hobart was an interactive campaign to reduce waste going to landfill in Hobart. We delved into the detail under the slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle" and sought your input to discover positive practical ways to reduce waste.


Recycling is way better than chucking something into landfill as less virgin material is needed to be mined to make recycled things, and a whole heap of energy use is avoided too.

We've all heard a few myths (or are they?) about what you can and can't put in your recycling bin, and what happens to it after the truck picks it up. And what about the stuff that can't go in your recycling bin... can that be recycled somewhere else?

You posted your questions to social media using the #DontWasteHobart hashtag, and we did our best to get you answers.

Here is our RECYCLING video playlist:


Recycling still uses energy (e.g. to melt down metal) and often things are "down-cycled" rather than made back into the same thing (e.g. glass bottles aren't made back into glass bottles, but rather are used for road base); and so it's even better to reuse things.

During October we held a competition for the best creative re-use ideas.

Here is our REUSING video playlist:


The most effective way of dealing with waste is to avoid it altogether - just use less stuff! There are a whole bunch of practical strategies. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

Here is our REDUCING video playlist:

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