Double Glazing Film - Now at SLT

film.JPGDouble Glazing a home can be very expensive.  But with a cold winter and many weeping windows, we have imported a range of DIY Double Glazing at just $4 per window. Double Glazing works by trapping a layer of insulative air between the glass and the film.  This system can improve the thermal performance of your glazing by almost 50% and takes just minutes to apply.

DIY_instructions.JPGThis double glazing film is easy to apply.  After you have cleaned your windows and frames there are just four simple steps

  1. Apply double sided tape (supplied) around edge of window
  2. Measure window and cut film to fit
  3. Press film in place onto tape starting at the top, then the sides and bottom
  4. Shrink the film with a hair dryer – this makes the film drum tight.


This film is not a permanent solution, it will last between 1-10 years depending on the treatment (toddlers can destroy it in seconds)


Product pack is enough for 10 windows.  Includes 2 films, each 1.5m x 5.3m + 50m of double sided tape.  Total price $40.  Visit SLT to purchase today.


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  • Aaron Cullenward
    commented 2020-05-05 15:07:33 +1000
    Is this able to be purchased online?