Compost Kings and Queens

Supporting residents to create nutrient-rich compost for their garden while preventing food waste and reducing harmful methane gases from landfill

Compost Kings and Queens was an exciting and innovative pilot project which supported 30 households in the Hobart region to compost their food waste at home over 6 months.

Participants received a subsidised compost system of their choice, free workshops and ongoing professional support for the duration of the trial to ensure they composted successfully. 

In exchange, participants recorded the amount of food scraps they composted on a weekly basis. We collected this data to determine how effective home composting can be.

Over 3.3 tonnes of food waste was diverted from landfill in 6 months!

Currently 40% of Australia's waste stream is pure food waste. It's initiatives like Compost Kings & Queens which can change this, turning this 'waste product' into valuable nutrient-rich compost, perfect for growing your own food.

For more information contact Hannah at [email protected] / 0418 307 294