Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Water Security: Deluge & Drought

Water Security:Deluge & Drought: Water Security in a Changing Climate (Climate Council)"Australia’s water security has already been significantly influenced by climate change. Rainfall patterns are shifting and the severity of floods and droughts has increased."(automatic download from this link)

Food and Agribusiness

Food and Agribusiness - CSIRO: The food and agribusiness (F&A) sector is a vital contributor to the Australian economy.

Aquaculture viability

Aquaculture viability. A technical report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment, part of the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund: Water Resource AssessmentsCSIRO Report

SLT Links Digest - 12 June 2019

Climate Change Links Digest for 12 June 2019from Sustainable Living Tasmania This week's News: First shipment to Japan of 'green' hydrogen produced at Queensland University of Technology's pilot plant, in conjunction with Japanese petroleum of Japan. Solar Communities ... Not waiting for neanderthal and indecisive governments - and getting on with it! The electrification of transport ... "One of the mega-trends expected to shape our long run operating environment is the electrification of transport." Book: Climate Change Criminology Councils and Shires Initiative: Local governments which have declared a Climate Emergency Building Materials: Latest update regarding Cross Laminated Timber Compostable Packaging The Sustainable Engineering Society Seminars Hydropower Status - Worldwide Carbon Lobby's Demands  

Industrial Evolution - Making British Manufacturing Sustainable

A Report covering revitalising British Industry in light of Climate Change and issues of Sustainability.There's some info in this Report that may also be of interest to the Tasmanian Government.'Industrial Evolution - Making British Manufacturing Sustainable'Described as: Report from the UK Manufacturing Commission Inquiry into Industrial Sustainability in which vital measures are outlined that government and industry should take to ensure that British manufacturing is here to stay.Deals with Industrial Sustainability through to Circular Economy.

Senate Report on Electric Vehicles (January 2019)

The Senate Select Committee report on Electric Vehicles (January 2019)

Deluge And Drought

Deluge And Drought: Australia’s Water Security In a Changing Climate“Climate change is shifting our rainfall patterns and increasing the severity of droughts and floods.”

Solar Communities

Solar CommunitiesNot waiting for indecisive governments - just getting on with it! Totally Renewable Yackandandah ( a small town in northern Victoria)Aim: 100% renewable energy in Yackandandah by 2022

2019 Hydropower Status Report

2019 Hydropower Status Report charts the growth in renewable hydro power. by the International Hydropower Association, London (Download link is at top of that page)

The electrification of transport

The electrification of transport"One of the mega-trends expected to shape our long run operating environment is the electrification of transport."... Dr Huw McKay, Vice President, Market Analysis & Economics at BHP Ltd.