Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Melbourne hydrogen refuelling station

Melbourne’s first hydrogen refuelling station takes shape. (ARENAWIRE - Australian Renewable Energy Agency) >

A win for our possums

Federal Court [Australia] win for our possums! 'When governments fail to properly protect threatened species, the community can harness the power of the law to hold them to account.' (Environmental Justice Australia) .

Global Biodiversity Outlook 5

Convention on Biological Diversity.  United Nations Environment Programme

Australia's climate for growth

A new choice: Australia's climate for growth.  (Deloitte Access Economics) [Climate Change] 'inaction will have the effect of curtailing Australia’s economic growth to the tune of $3.4 trillion and 880,000 fewer jobs in just 50 years.' >

The Climate Cure

Solving the Climate Emergency in the Era of COVID-19 (Book by Tim Flannery) 'Flannery demands a new approach, based on the nation's response to COVID-19, that will lead to effective policies.' >


110 years of Australian temperatures.  (Bureau of Meteorology) >


The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report >

Emissions of Nitrous Oxide

Emissions of Nitrous Oxide, a Climate Super-Pollutant, Are Rising Fast on a Worst-Case Trajectory. [Article] 'Fertilizer is a leading culprit in nitrous oxide emissions, which are nearly 300 times more potent at warming the planet than carbon dioxide and deplete ozone.' >

Flick the Switch

'Flick the Switch' is an eBook available from The Fifth Estate 2020 symposium. Their description: 'A definitive guide to creating net zero all-electric buildings and cities.' >

14 million tonnes of microplastics on seafloor

14 million tonnes of microplastics on seafloor. CSIRO Research [Article] Microplastic Pollution in Deep-Sea Sediments From the Great Australian Bight Frontiers in Marine Science journal >