Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Bushfires and Animal Welfare

New study into the effects of bushfires on cattle and sheep health and welfare. Research for Agriculture. >>

Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook: July 2020

The Bushfire and Natural Hazard Cooperative Research Centre. >>

2019-2020 Bushfire Disaster

The Report into the N.S.W. 2019-2020 Bushfire Disaster has been released and the N.S.W. Premier announced all 76 recommendations will be accepted. N.S.W. Bushfire Inquiry (466 pages) >>

COAL: Fool’s Gold

Beyond-Coal. 'The financial institutions risking our renewable energy future with coal [Beyond Coal] examines eight European, and four significant international, financial institutions, and finds that all continued to pump money into coal companies in the year after the IPCC released its 1.5 degrees C special report.' >>

Climate TRACE

A tool to enable the economic and societal benefits of a future of clean energy. Keeping track of greenhouse gas emmisions - world-wide and in real-time. >>

Australian Actuaries Climate Index 2020

The Index shows a lull in extreme events, but a persistent trend in overall climate change. 'The Australian Actuaries Climate Index shows weather conditions in Autumn 2020 in Australia returned to typical levels after a period of extremely destructive bushfires and storms. While the record-breaking extreme high temperatures, dryness and rainfall of the summer have subsided, a clear long-term trend towards an increasing frequency of extreme weather remains.' >>

Australian Hydrogen Refuelling Network Stations

Infinite Blue Energy - partnering with NewVolt EV charging stations. >>

When Talking About Climate Change

It’s How You Say It, Not What You Say, How to Rebuff a Climate Denier. Insights from cognitive science. >>

Hunt on for fixes for weak electricity grids

Researchers at Monash University’s Grid Innovation Hub will look for ways to strengthen weak and unstable parts of the electricity grid. ARENAWIRE, Australian Renewable Energy Agency. >>


From Drought and Bushfires to COVID-19: The social impacts of compounding crises. 'Compounding crises expose the vulnerability of those who are already struggling in our communities ...' >>