Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.


Components in plastics can interfere with the body's sex hormones. Plastics are made soft and flexible using Phthalates - these can lower testosterone levels. Research by Dr. Shanna Swan is detailed in her book 'Count Down'. >


Teenagers' legal request to revoke approval of Adani's mine. 'Two North Queensland teenagers have presented Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, with critical new evidence and strong legal grounds to revoke approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine. They have done their homework when the federal government has not. Acting on their behalf, EJA lawyers obtained independent evidence from climate and economic experts.' (Environmental Justice Australia) >

Dutch circular economy strategies on low and middle-income countries

Potential effects of Dutch circular economy strategies on low- and middle-income countries: the case of electrical and electronic equipment. 'The Netherlands has the ambition to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050. In this report, we analyse what such a transition could mean for low- and middle-income countries that are connected to the Netherlands through international value chains, focusing on transboundary trade in discarded electrical and electronic equipment. We identify conditions for positive impact and discuss opportunities, risks and dilemmas. This study is part of a broader project that analyses transboundary effects of the circular economy transition in the Netherlands.' (While oriented to the Dutch situation, there is some relevance to Australian practises) >

Cutting-edge hydrogen research in Australia

Researchers are developing new ways to export Australia’s renewable energy in the form of hydrogen. (Australian Renewble Energy Agency) >


What an Ecological Civilization Looks Like. Three Cities Switching To Life-Affirming Economies. (In Depth Long Article - from YES magazine, USA) >

E-Boda-Bodas electric bikes

E-Boda-Bodas: a promising day for electric transportation in East Africa. (UN Environment Programme) >

Fast Charging Battery

Significant Initial Fast Charging Battery Results in Optimised Commercial Cells. (Magnis Energy Technologies, Sydney - >

Unreliable Batteries

Some Domestic Batteries Remain Unreliable. Battery Testing Report 9 – September 2020. (Canberra Battery Testing Centre) >

Erosion of Coal Plant Profits

Fast Erosion of Coal Plant Profits in the National Electricity Market. Analysis of Likely 2025 Generation Mix Shows Coal Plant Revenue Reductions of 44% - 67% 'The analysis detailed in this report suggests that the financial viability of several coal generators in the NEM will become severely compromised by 2025 such that closure becomes an attractive or even unavoidable choice for at least one power plant owner.' (Green Energy Markets, Melbourne) >

Energy Charter Treaty

An obscure treaty known as the Energy Charter Treaty is being mis-utilised by avaricious Fossil Fuel corporations to sue Governments who are seeking to move to sustainable renewable energy. Their aim is to demand compensation to cover their 'stranded assets'. (Avaaz - The World in Action) >