Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Hydrogen from Sunlight with Record Efficiency

'achieving high solar-to-hydrogen (STH) efficiency concomitant with long-term durability using low-cost, scalable photo-absorbers is a long-standing challenge' (Rice University, Houston Texas USA) >

The Next Economy: Regional Economic Resilience

'The Next Economy has the experience, relationships, and understanding of regional economic resilience to support the creation of the next economy that works for everyone.'

Plastic Gets a Do-Over

Breakthrough Discovery Recycles Plastic From the Inside Out. Plastic than can 'be disassembled into its constituent parts at the molecular level, and then reassembled into a different shape, texture, and color again and again without loss of performance or quality' (Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California) >

The Economics of Systems Collapse

'Economists in the mainstream have not even begun to understand the implications of ecological systems collapse.' and Earlier collapse of Anthropocene ecosystems driven by multiple faster and noisier drivers. (The Ecologist, London_ >

Mental health: Climate Cares

'Climate Cares is a team of researchers, designers, policy-makers and educators aiming to understand and support mental health in the current climate and ecological crises. Our vision is for individuals, communities and healthcare systems to have the knowledge, tools, and resources to become resilient to the mental health impacts of climate change.' "Climate change is an underappreciated mental health emergency. This is a technical, social, and emotional issue." (Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London) >

Credibility Gap in Net-Zero Targets

Credibility gap in net-zero targets leaves world at high risk. 'Global climate policy is undergoing a rite of passage. What used to be a conversation about ambitious target-setting now focuses increasingly on implementation and interventions to put these targets in good stead.' (Imperial College, London) >

Climate Change and Animals

Impacts of climate change on animals will be multi-faceted, reveals study. 'A new study published in CABI Reviews suggests that the impact of climate change on animals will be "multi-faceted" with "cascading effects" across five welfare domains, including nutrition, environment, behavior, physical and mental health.'  (Article in, Science X Network) >

Climate Change and Regional Conflict

'Tipping Point risks for critical climate systems' and 'How Economics has Underestimated Climate Damage & Encouraged Inaction' The latest analysis on Australia's first climate risk assessment. (Breakthrough ... National Centre for Climate Restoration) >

Insurance Market Failing

Broken insurance market failing to protect people in Climate crisis. 'New research from a coalition of advocacy groups has found the home and contents insurance market is failing to protect people against extreme weather events, with customers struggling to access and afford the insurance they need.' (Climate Council of Australia, Sydney) >

Bush Fire Insurance

AACI (Australian Actuaries Climate Index) hints at dangerous bushfire seasons in the summers ahead. 'The Australian Actuaries Climate Index has been updated for Autumn 2023, with the results adding to evidence that conditions for high bushfire risk are building.' (Actuaries Institute, Sydney) >