Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Regional Decarbonization

Contributing to regional decarbonization: Australia’s potential to supply zero-carbon commodities to the Asia-Pacific. 'The paper investigates three pathways by which Australia could instead export zero-carbon energy and products: direct exports of renewable electricity via sub-sea cables, exports of zero-carbon fuels such as green hydrogen, and the export of “green” metals processed from Australian ores using renewable energy.' (Analysis & Policy Observatory, Melbourne) >

Sodium-ion Batteries Data

Sodium-ion Batteries: Inexpensive and Sustainable Energy Storage. (Faraday Insight - The Faraday Institution) >

Sodium-ion Batteries

Sodium-ion batteries offer advantages in technical performance, safety and cost over current technologies, such as Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lead-Acid (Pb-A).' (Faradion Limited, Sheffield UK) >


Prioritising issues for the incoming Government. 'One issue matters more to top economists than any other this election.' (National Economics Panel, The Economic Society of Australia, Sydney) >

Motivating the 'moderate flank'

Motivating the 'moderate flank' in Society. ‘What happens when a radical flank gets somewhere and itself becomes a kind of new ‘centre of gravity’ within the space of activism, successfully shifting public opinion significantly in the direction of its goals? What happens next?’. 'The latent power of this group, described here as a potential ‘moderate flank’, is enormous.' (Rupert Reed essay) >

Insurance Industry Review 2022

General Insurance Industry Review 2022. Analysis and insights on the Australian general insurance market financial results up to 31 December 2021. Specifically, check Chapter 9: Climate Change: 'Insurers continue to face a higher exposure to natural perils, such as floods, bushfires and cyclones. Modelling predicts the frequency and severity of these natural peril event trends will only continue to increase.' (KPMG Advisory) >

2022 Sea Level Rise

2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report. 'Updated projections available through 2150 for all U.S. coastal waters.' (National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA) >


Future behavior of wind wave extremes due to climate change. 'Extreme waves will undergo changes in the future when exposed to different climate change scenarios.' 'Despite the underlying uncertainty that characterizes extremes, we obtain robust changes in extreme Hs [significant wave height] over more than approximately 25% of the ocean surface.' (Nature Journal - Scientific Article) >


Artificial Intelligence in the Sorting of Municipal Waste as an Enabler of the Circular Economy. '...robotic sorting system based on artificial intelligence, for the separation of bulky municipal solid waste.' (MDPI, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Switzerland) >

Green Hydrogen Plant in Tasmania

LINE Hydrogen announces first commercial-scale, green hydrogen plant in Tasmania. 'Queensland based green hydrogen energy company, is set to revolutionise Australia’s energy sector by announcing their first commercial-scale green hydrogen plant in Tasmania set to begin construction by mid-year 2022.' (LINE Hydrogen, Brisbane) >