Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Reusable Milk Kegs

The Udder Way - Reusable Milk Kegs. 'a milk keg system that slides into existing processes. It’s great for business and even better for the planet' (The Udder Way, Launceston, Tasmania) >

State of Climate Action 2022

'Change is heading in the right direction at a promising but insufficient speed for six indicators, and in the right direction but well below the required pace for 21. Change in another five indicators is heading in the wrong direction entirely, and data are insufficient to evaluate the remaining eight.' (Climate Analytics, Berlin, Germany and Perth, Australia) >

Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction 2022

Towards a Zero-emission, Efficient and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector. 'as the 2022 Buildings Global Status Report shows, the sector is not making the deep systemic changes needed to get on the path to this goal' (United Nations Environment Programme, New York) >

Climate Club (Finance)

'Climate Club' proposal by Lord Nicholas Stern and his co-authors for a 'Climate Club' to fund Developing Countries cut their emissions and deal with climate disasters presented to the COP27 Climate Conference. (London School of Economics, UK) >

The Science and Society 'Contract'

Tragedy of Climate Change Science ... 'Science has demonstrated the climate is changing, governments agree that the science is settled, yet concerted action to mitigate and adapt to climate change is lacking.' (University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland) >


State of the Cryosphere 2021: 'We cannot negotiate with the melting point of ice.'...“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic, and what happens to our shared atmosphere affects the world. Humanity’s impact on the global atmosphere with fossil fuels is clearly documented by measurements at monitoring stations from around the world, and especially since 1956. A United Nations report in July 2015 says we are adding 2 million people to the planet every 10 days, and they all require energy resources.” ~Julie Brigham-Grette. (Geosciences) University of Massachusetts Amherst (International Cryosphere Climate Initiative)

Resilient Retrofits

Climate Upgrades for Existing Buildings (Urban Land Institute) >

Climate of the Nation 2022

Tracking Australia’s attitudes towards climate change and energy. 'Climate of the Nation Report provides a comprehensive account of changing Australian beliefs and attitudes towards climate change, including its causes, impacts and solutions'. (The Australia Institute, Canberra) >

Aviation needs Bolder Approaches to Climate Change

Aviation needs bolder approaches to climate change than carbon offsets and cleaner fuels. -A cleaner future for flight — aviation needs a radical redesign. 'Globally, the industry generates roughly one billion tonnes of co2 per year' (Center for International Climate Research, Oslo, Norway) >


Methane research takes on new urgency at MIT. “CH4 [Methane] does more damage than CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] no matter how long you run the clock. By removing methane, we could potentially avoid critical climate tipping points.” (MIT Methane Network, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA) >