Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Bombardier unveils a new battery-powered train.

Bombardier (Montreal, Canada) unveils a new battery-powered (heavy rail) train. "The current prototype (in 2018) is equipped with four BOMBARDIER MITRAC traction batteries and can travel routes of around 40 kilometres. In 2019, the next generation of battery-operated trains will be able to cover distances of up to 100 kilometres on non-electrified railways." Bombardier Transportation Presents a New Battery-Operated Train and Sets Standards for Sustainable Mobility >>

Battery powered GreenTech Light-Rail (Tram) in Saragossa, Spain

Battery electric powered trams, with the ability to recharge in 20 seconds at tram stops. Description and video showing the recharge process >>

Battery of the Nation

Hydro Tasmania is in an advanced stage of investigating its proposed 'Battery of the Nation' pumped hydro and wind turbine plan, including up to 4 additional Interconnector submarine cables (in addition to the existing Basslink cable) with the Mainland electricity grid. See Becoming a renewable energy 'Battery of the Nation' (full Report and also a Summary downloadable on this page)

Asian Renewable Energy Hub

A project based in the Pilbarra to develop "Cheap clean energy [that]can enable new and expanded mines, downstream mineral processing, and large scale production of green hydrogen products for domestic and export markets."

Clean Growth Strategy

An ambitious blueprint for Britain’s low carbon future.A Policy Paper from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

'Industrial Evolution - Making British Manufacturing Sustainable'

This is a Report from the UK Manufacturing Commission Inquiry into Industrial Sustainability in which vital measures are outlined that government and industry should take to ensure that British manufacturing is here to stay.Deals with Industrial Sustainability through to Circular Economy. >>

Gelion battery

Update ... Gelion battery ( development progress on the battery that is fire resistant, produced with affordable components that aren't environmentally problematic. Launched at the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney on 2 April Commercialisation Timeline Technical details on the battery >>

Environmentalist Risks

The deadly risk of being an environmentalist in many countries. 2017 - the global trends ... Killings by Country (Click on 'Chapters' at bottom of the page to read additional information.)

Canadian High Arctic Thawing

Climate change drives widespread and rapid thermokarst development in very cold permafrost in the Canadian High ArcticThawing occuring at an accelerated rate. Research by Louise M. Farquharson and others! Full report can be freely downloaded at: Research published in Geophysical Research Letters. >>

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Providing news and data on Earth's frozen regions. University of Colorado.