Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Uninsurable Nation

Uninsurable Nation: Australia’s most climate-vulnerable places. 'As the risk of being affected by extreme weather events increases, insurers will raise premiums to cover the increased cost of claims and reinsurance.' (Climate Council of Australia, Sydney) >

Mitigating CO2 Emissions

Scenarios for mitigating CO2 emissions from energy supply in the absence of CO2 removal. (Research Article) (Climate Policy journal) >

Halve Our Energy Use

We must halve our energy use to avoid climate catastrophe: new modelling. 'New research shows that a transition to renewable energy alone is not fast enough to keep global temperatures below 2050 target levels.' (University of N.S.W., Sydney) >

Tailings, an Emerging Market Opportunity

'Often viewed as a problematic waste management issue in mining, a different take on tailings may open up new market opportunities.' (CSIRO, Canberra) >

Locking Away Carbon Permanently

'A new research initiative in CSIRO is working on ways to accelerate the natural Carbon Cycle to decrease atmospheric carbon levels and create a permanent and safe solution.' (CSIRO, Canberra) >

Car Battery Charging "On Steroids"

Terra 360 (they claim it's the fastest in the world) 'Delivering up to 360 kW of power and a full charge in less than 15 minutes.' (ABB - a merger between ASEA and Brown Boveri) >

iBLUE Electric Truck

iBLUE Electric Truck (Foton Mobility) >

Environmental Impacts of Food Production

Extensive article, supported by numerous charts, covering • Environmental Impacts of Agriculture • Land Use • Emissions • Water use • Eutrophying • Food Miles • Food Waste • Environmental Impacts of Milk (Our World in Data, Global Change Data Lab, England) >

Living Within Limits

'Climateworks Centre report investigates the environmental limits Australia must work within so it can continue to prosper for generations to come.' (Climateworks Centre, Monash University, Melbourne) >

Very Fast Charging Batteries

Synthesis of Pseudocapacitive Porous Metal Oxide Nanoclusters Anchored on Graphene for Aqueous Energy Storage Devices with High Energy Density and Long Cycling Stability along with Ultrafast Charging Capability. 'a strategy to realize high-performance aqueous energy storages using porous Mn3O4 (p-MG) positive and porous Fe2O3 (p-FG) negative electrodes, where granular nanoclusters composing nanoparticles are produced on graphene through lithiation-induced conversion and the shortened ion diffusion lengths in p-MG and p-FG give fast charging rate and excellent cycle stability is reported.' (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) >