Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Global Mining Sustainability

Their claim: 'To develop solutions to critical mining challenges in environment, social engagement and governance.' >>

Environmentally Sustainable Mining

Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (The University of Arizona) >>

Sprout Stack

The changing face of Australian farming SBS News report >> Sprout Stack Pty. Ltd.

Murray–Darling Basin update

Murray–Darling Basin drought update - issued 19 November 2019. >>

Growing Pains: The Delusion of Boundless Economic Growth

Critique by Ian Christie, Ben Gallant, Simon Mair • Can we have absolute decoupling to enable endless growth? • What we mean when we talk about ‘degrowth’ • Prosperity without growth, or growth with socialist planning? • Degrowth vs sustainable growth: a hopeful gamble vs a fools bet >>

Scientific Consensus: Earth's Climate is Warming

NASA lists some of the main Scientific Societies and their stated positions on Climate Change (including Worldwide Scientific Organizations). >>

Ocean Cleanup

The system comprising a floating boom is now successfully cleaning floating plastic from the ocean at a site between Hawaii and California. >>

Power play: Australia’s electricity market

How governments can better direct Australia’s electricity market. "Chaotic approaches to energy policy have pushed up electricity prices and scared off investors." (report download link at end of article) >>

Bloomberg: New Energy Outlook 2019

"Focused on the electricity system, our New Energy Outlook (NEO) combines the expertise of over 65 market and technology specialists in 12 countries to provide a unique view of how the market will evolve." Overview and Findings >>

Murray-Darling Basin Commission of Inquiry Bill 2019

Submission to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission of Inquiry Bill 2019. by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. "This Bill seeks to establish a Commission of Inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission to investigate the management of the Basin water resources and the implementation and enforcement of the Basin Plan." (Submission (326 pages PDF) downloadable from this page.) >>