Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific

'Underpinning transformation in the way Australia trades with the world and specifically with the Asia-Pacific – based on renewable energy.' (The Australian National University, Canberra) >

Advanced Recycling: Turning Plastic Waste into Resources

Advanced recycling technologies could turn hard-to-recycle plastics, such as mixed, multi-layer, flexible or contaminated plastics back into food grade recycled plastics or other products through chemical, thermal or biological processes.' (CSIRO Canberra) >

Carbon Taxes by Importers of our Exports

Swings and Roundabouts: The unexpected effects of Carbon Border Adjustments on Australia. 'Australia should pay close attention to the development of carbon border adjustments overseas; seek to improve these overseas adjustments and win fair treatment for Australian businesses, including through data recognition agreements; and examine border adjustments alongside alternative options as we develop plans for a prosperous net zero emissions future.' (The Australian Industry Group (AiGroup), Canberra) >

Climate Change & Australia's Food Supply

Fork in the Road: Impacts of climate change on Australia's food supply. 'Empty supermarket shelves have become almost commonplace in Australia over the past few months, as floods and COVID have converged to break down our supply chains. So what do our supply chains look like in a changing climate, especially in light of the latest IPCC report?' (Farmers for Climate Action, Castlemaine Victoria) >

Leaded Petrol/Gasoline

Lead exposure in the last century shrank IQ scores of half of Americans, study finds. 'Leaded gasoline calculated to have stolen more than 800 million cumulative IQ points since the 1940s.' (Science Daily, Maryland USA) >

Amazon Rainforest Resilience

Pronounced loss of Amazon rainforest resilience since the early 2000s. 'Deforestation and climate change, via increasing dry-season length and drought frequency, may already have pushed the Amazon close to a critical threshold of rainforest dieback.' (Nature Climate Change journal) >

Coping with Trauma

Building togetherness in the face of disaster. 'Social connection is key for helping people to weather and recover from traumatic disasters' (University of Melbourne) >

Australia's Electric Future

The Big Switch ... Australia's Electric Future by Saul Griffith. Australia's opportunity to be an energy winner and decarbonise our lifestyle and industry by going all-electric in our sunburnt country.Written in a straightforward style and not requiring serious technical expertise, complete with numerous graphs, diagrams and tables. (Kindle and Paperback. Black Inc. ISBN 978-1760643874) >

Thwaites Glacier, in Antarctica

Weakening of the pinning point buttressing Thwaites Glacier breakup. (The Cryosphere journal) >

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

'Accelerating breakup of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and implications for rapid sea level rise.' Briefing Note from 'Risk Frontiers' (a commercial firm that 'specialises in catastrophe loss modelling, climate risk and resilience. [they] provide innovative science-driven research, analysis and solutions to build safe and resilient communities.') (Risk Frontiers, Sydney) >