Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Economic Recovery

Responding to Coronavirus: Low-carbon Investments Can Help Economies Recover. (World Resources Institute article) >>

Are financial markets aligned with climate action?

Working Paper from the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. 'Are financial markets aligned with climate action? New evidence from the Paris Agreement.' >>

Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI)

Transition To A Low Carbon Economy. 2020 State of Transition Report from the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) is the latest in a series of annual stocktakes of the progress being made by the world’s biggest and most emissions-intensive public companies on the transition to a low-carbon economy. >>

HESTA Superannuation Investments

Transition To A Low Carbon Economy. HESTA claims to be the first Australian backer of global climate action initiative. >>


The Virtual Power Plant project instituted by the South Australian Government is proving useful. 'AEMO Virtual Power Plant Demonstration' (Knowledge Sharing Report) >>

Incentives to Buy Electric Vehicles

Global Incentives for EVs >>

Road and other Taxes on Electric Vehicles

Consumer Reports - a U.S. nonprofit member organization. 'Rising Trend of Punitive Fees on Electric Vehicles Won’t Dent State Highway Funding Shortfalls but Will Hurt Consumers'. >>

Snowy 2.0 critique

Critical article from the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies within Victoria University, Melbourne. Snowy 2.0: Who will be held to account for this giant folly? >>

Boom and Bust 2020: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline

End Coal is an environmental, social justice and health advocacy concerned about coal’s heavy toll on human health, our natural environment and the planet’s climate. 'Despite the decline in coal plant development, the coal fleet grew in 2019 by a greater amount than in 2018.' Report download >>

The new 'Stone Age'

The use of Stone for modern building construction can result in a major (claimed up to 80%) reduction in the 'carbon footprint', compared with concrete. 'Rock of Ages' article in Architecture Today magazine (with several photos) describing a recent (modern design) building constructed in London using stone. >>