Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Sustainable Living Ideas

Eco-Friendly Living: 100 Practical Ideas You Can Easily Do. 'With more people becoming concerned about the impact they leave on the environment, it’s easier than ever to find eco-friendly ideas you can easily implement, no matter who (or where) you are.' (Citizen Sustainable, USA) >

'Green' Fertilizer

'efficient production technique for a novel ‘green’ fertiliser - advanced milling technique produces slow-release soil nutrient crystals' (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY) >

Global Seasonal Climate Update - 2022

Global Seasonal Climate Update - 2022 (World Meteorological Organization) >

How Australia can Support the Transition to Net-Zero Steel

'As the world’s largest iron ore producer, Australia has a major role in transitioning steelmaking from around 7 per cent of global emissions to a net-zero emissions industry; what progress are we making towards ‘green’ steel?' (CSIRO Resourceful-magazine, Canberra) >

Build Resilience in the Face of Compounding Extreme Events

'The risk of more frequent and extreme natural hazards is rising with climate change. When these extreme events 'collide', their impacts compound—making communities more vulnerable to crises. How can we prevent potential systemic failures caused by extreme events?' (CSIRO ECOS magazine, Canberra)

Battery Manufacturing Plant - near Newcastle NSW

'Energy Renaissance create and make lithium-ion batteries and technology, powered by Australian people and resources. Our superStorage™ systems are delivered from our advanced manufacturing facility in Tomago, NSW. The superStorage™ platform is engineered and designed for security, safety and simplicity for Stationary and Transport applications.' (Energy Renaissance Pty. Ltd., Newcastle NSW)

Framework for an Australian Clean Transport Strategy

'An Australian transport decarbonisation strategy is critical to ensure everyday Australian households and businesses have morechoice, pay less for transport, remain competitive, enjoy improved health outcomes, and can support the creation of Australianenergy and related jobs.' (Australian National University, Canberra - and others) >

Clean Energy for 2030

Accelerating the transition to Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy for 2030. 'Drive innovation for a secure, affordable, clean energy future.' (University of Technology Sydney, Curtin University Perth and Monash University Melbourne) Race for 2030 (go to Reports)The Green Wave: Adding value through net zero energy strategy >

Global Plastics Treaty: Update

Momentum Towards a Global Plastics Treaty: Update article 'Coming discussions will range from how to define “plastic pollution” to the design of “national action plans” that will develop country-specific approaches to addressing the crisis and the setting up of financial mechanisms to support the new treaty implementation. The ninety hours of hard-fought negotiations during UNEA 5.2 reveal that the road ahead will not be simple or easy.' (Center for International Environmental Law, Washington DC) >

Ecotourism Induces Stress-Related Behaviors

An Approaching Motor Boat Induces Stress-Related Behaviors in Proboscis Monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) Living in a Riparian Area [in Sabah, Malaysia] 'Primate ecotourism is a fast-growing tourism sector that may have a negative effect on wildlife. In riparian areas, tourists can conveniently reach primates via motor boats, but no study has directly examined whether such boats cause stress in primates. Our goal was to test whether the approach of a motor boat induces stress-related and other behaviors in proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus), an Endangered species.' (International Journal of Primatology) >