Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

'If we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions we should not pay people to burn fossil fuels.' (Our World in Data, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford) >

The Climate Compass

'The centrepiece of Climate Compass is a segmentation of Australian audiences based on their attitudes and beliefs about climate change.' 'Climate Compass divides Australians into one of seven groups based on their climate change attitudes and beliefs.' (Climate Compass, Sydney.) >

Environmental Accounting can Change the World

Accounting for Nature: 'Environmental accounting can change the world.' 'Accounting for Nature is a transparent, affordable, verifiable and certifiable environmental accounting framework to inform better investment, policy and management decisions in natural capital. These include carbon co-benefits, green bonds, environmental offsets and impact investments.' (Accounting for Nature, Sydney and Brisbane) >

Agriculture: Facing the future

Proteins of the future: using precision fermentation to develop new ingredients 'CSIRO researchers, in collaboration commercial partners, are at the forefront of efforts to develop and scale up the exciting field of biotechnology called precision fermentation.' (ECOS Magazine, CSIRO, Canberra) >


We can cut Australia’s emissions 81% by 2030 with a national cleantech rollout. 'Deploy outlines a five-year deployment plan, identifying the most impactful market-ready technologies, the number of units of each technology we need to deploy, and what it means for rollout rates over the next five years.' (Beyond Zero Emissions, Melbourne) >


The risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world. 'This report synthesises the observed impacts of climate change on Australia and the risk to our future of the current global trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions. It focuses on the consequences of 3°C of global warming in the absence of greater mitigation strategies...' (Australian Academy of Science, Canberra) >

Smaller, Lighter Batteries

Engineers solve a mystery on the path to smaller, lighter batteries. 'A discovery by MIT researchers could finally unlock the door to the design of a new kind of rechargeable lithium battery that is more lightweight, compact, and safer than current versions' (MIT News, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) >

Australian National Soil Information System

ANSIS (Australian National Soil Information System) will provide improved access to nationally consistent soil data and information needed to help sustainably manage Australian soil' 'CSIRO is using novel processes and technologies to develop ANSIS. This new system will improve online access and use of shared, nationally consistent soil data and information.' (ECOS magazine article, CSIRO, Canberra) >

Methane Risks

Massive gas expansion risks overtaking positive climate policies. 'The goldrush for gas continues and is counterproductive to the Paris Agreement' (Climate Action Tracker, Germany) >

Take climate-changing aerosols seriously

'The dangerous impacts of aerosol changes on vulnerable regions should have been a priority at COP27 after climate policymakers agreed a breakthrough deal to support these parts of the world, scientists have claimed.' (Center for International Climate Research, Norway) >