Climate News

A digest of interesting news about climate change from around the world, compiled by us.

Torres Strait Islander Communities Facing Rising Sea Levels

Pabai Pabai and Guy Paul Kabai v. Commonwealth of Australia. 'On October 22, 2021, Wadhuam Paul and Wadhuam Pabai, First Nations’ leaders from the Gudamalulgal nation of the Torres Strait Islands, filed a case challenging Australia’s failure to cut emissions and asserting that the government’s inaction will force their communities to migrate to new areas.' (Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School, New York)

Customer Focused Energy Transition

'Many energy networks are having trouble transitioning to meet the pace of demand for solar, battery and EV network integration. Consumer adoption is happening faster than anticipated by network owners and regulators.' (Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland) >

Fugitive Emissions with Australia's Hydrogen Plan?

“Serious threat” of fugitive emissions with hydrogen plan. 'Australia's plans to produce hydrogen using fossil fuels carries significant risks and could create an industry that leads to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) warn.' (Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions - Australian National University, Canberra) >

Coal Phase-out in Europe

'This briefing provides an overview of country coal phase out announcements and plans in Europe. Once governments announce a coal phase out they then need to set about implementing it which means confirming closure dates at plant level, and producing plans for a managed just transition away from coal. These actions need to be in line with climate, environmental and health responsibilities, and must address the needs of affected workers, communities, and regions.' (Climate Action Network Europe, Berlin) >

Climate Change and Tornadoes

Climate change and tornadoes: Any connection? 'As greenhouse gases shuffle the atmospheric deck, where and when twisters happen is changing.' (Yale Climate Connections, Yale School of the Environment) >

Toyota's Line-Up of New Electric Vehicle Strategies

Toyota Motor Corporation's media briefing on battery EV strategies. (Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan) >

Bass Offshore Wind Energy Project

Bass Offshore Wind Energy project. Their claim:'The Bass Offshore Wind Energy project (BOWE) is a transformational renewable energy project that will help accelerate Australia’s change to a green and clean energy supply.' (Nexsphere, Sydney) >

Ocean Plastic is Creating New Communities

Ocean plastic is creating new communities of life on the high seas. 'Coastal plants and animals have found a new way to survive in the open ocean—by colonizing plastic pollution.'

Urban Resilience Experiences

Insights into Community Urban Resilience Experiences ... 50 deg. normal? (Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney) >

Impacts of Climate Change on Humanity

People are effected by the deteriorating climate on many fronts: medically, psychologically, financially, etc. ... Traceable evidence of the impacts of climate change on humanity. This tabulated data site reveals the scale of human damage. (GoCarbonNeutral) >