Energy audits for charities grant program

(Updated 29th April: Program now fully subscribed. Please complete this form to express your interest and we will contact you if/when the program is extended).

TasNetworks is sponsoring charitable organisations operating in Tasmania to have professional energy audits conducted by Sustainable Living Tasmania (SLT). Grants are available up to $3,000 per organisation.



Through the audit, your charity will identify opportunities to reduce energy use, generate renewable energy, access more affordable energy, and improve thermal comfort. These opportunities may include changing behaviour, tariffs, equipment settings, and upgrades. SLT always manages to identify a range of opportunities in terms of upfront cost and payback period, so it's almost certain we'll find you some good options that you can implement.


  1. Complete and submit this application form. The person completing it must have authority to do so on behalf of the organisation they are applying for.
  2. SLT and TasNetworks assess application. SLT informs Applicant of result.
  3. SLT works with the Applicant to conduct the audit, including a kick-off meeting, site inspection, analysis and report writing, and post-audit presentation.
  4. Applicant then completes a post-audit online survey, with the results shared with TasNetworks and SLT.


As with most things, coronavirus presents some challenges for this grant program. As at 21st April 2020, we are keen to proceed, only with appropriate risk management measures in place, as set out by the Department of Public Health. Successful grant recipients will have the option to have their site inspection conducted by video call (where appropriate), or holding off until such time as the current restrictions are relaxed. We're happy to consider other measures. So, please complete this form, and we'll work it out together.


Grants will be awarded to any organisation that meets all of the criteria below, on a first-in-first-served basis until sponsorship funds are expended. TasNetworks and Sustainable Living Tasmania may alter criteria over time (e.g. to ensure not all funds are used by a particular type of organisation), in which case this page will be updated.

  1. The Applicant Organisation must be a registered charity with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission.
  2. The site to be audited must be in Tasmania.
  3. The site to be audited must be currently used by the Applicant Organisation.
  4. The Applicant Organisation must pay for (at least a portion of) energy used at the site.
  5. The Applicant Organisation must provide TasNetworks with permission (or commit to seeking permission from the electricity account holder) to share any electricity usage data they have for the specified site with Sustainable Living Tasmania.
  6. The Applicant Organisation must commit to responding to a post-audit evaluation survey.
  7. The Applicant Organisation must provide Sustainable Living Tasmania and TasNetworks with permission to use post-audit survey responses in their publications.
  8. The Applicant Organisation must commit to providing Sustainable Living Tasmania and TasNetworks permission to use suitable photos taken during the energy audit in their publications. (Sustainable Living Tasmania will ensure any individuals in photos also provide their permission).


For further information, please contact [email protected]