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Carrotmob November 2016
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Thanks for being part of Carrotmob

We’re on a mission to encourage takeaway food businesses in Hobart to provide more sustainable takeaway packaging and utensil options and embolden their customers to BYO packaging (which is the best option). We're using the Carrotmob approach – and encouraging people to come together in a collective way to support and reward positive environmental change in their communities using the ‘carrot’ instead of the stick. We're using you, our fantastic network of thousands of people, to support food retailers in Hobart who switch away from plastic takeaway packaging to compostable options. Thanks to everyone who has supported our switchers, we hope to introduce you to more in the coming weeks.

Chennai Bismi Kitchen - our first switcher
Chennai Bismi Kitchen

Chennai Bismi Kitchen at 127 Liverpool street was our first switcher. Please mob them with *appreciation* to support our Carrotmob campaign. They have joined Carrotmob and removed the plastic takeaway packaging from their Liverpool Street shop and Salamanca stall and switched to compostable options. They are also more than happy for people to BYO packaging. Please reward them by visiting their yummy restaurant (their Dosa is like nothing on this Earth) and don't forget to mention Carrotmob, so they know their effort was noticed. 

Macquarie Grocer
Macquarie Grocer for Carrotmob

Our newest Carrotmob switcher is the Macquarie Grocer on the corner of Darcy St in South Hobart. What a fantastic bunch of hard working young Tasmanians to support. In recent times, they have begun to provide more sustainable packaging and through Carrotmob Hobart they have switched away from even more plastic items, to compostable options. They are more than happy for people to BYO packaging. Please reward them by tasting their yummy takeaway food and coffee and don't forget to mention Carrotmob, so they know their effort was *appreciated*.  

Community led
Map of compostable takeaway shops

As we've walked the streets looking for retailers to join Carrotmob we've found that a large percentage have already switched to compostable packaging, particularly paper, cardboard and sugarcane pulp packaging, but also compostable plastic products. Both Kingborough and the City of Hobart are investigating a phase out of all plastic takeaway packaging by around 2020! Please show your support for businesses as they switch and lead the way so that our local Governments have the bravery to implement such progressive phase-outs. We've started making a map of shops that have moved away from traditional plastic packaging and we'd love your help. 

Where does your takeaway packaging go?
Rubbish bin

Did you know that the vast majority of plastic packaging we Tasmanians use ends up buried in landfill sites? We are not unusual, globally, of the 80 million tonnes of plastic packaging produced each year, only 5% is retained for subsequent use (Ellen MacArthur Foundation). It's no wonder businesses are moving to compostable plastics where they can. Based on our research, we think compostable plastic is better than traditional plastic. Not only does it reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources, use less toxic chemicals and generally come from companies with ethical processes, it also breaks down a lot faster than traditional plastics in the environment. Moving to compostable plastics will also help Councils understand our need for food and greenwaste collection services. 

One bin!
One rubbish bin per house

Do you ever look in the compostables, recycling and landfill bins, perched together at festivals and events and wonder why they all get filled with the same things?  It's because it's downright difficult to know which item goes where.

Dare we think outside the confusing box we've got ourselves into for just one moment and dream about living in a World where:

* waste disposal is as simple as one bin, a compost bin, taken locally for processing;

* we reuse everything;

* plastics that can no longer be used are all compostable;

* deposit schemes encourage people to return their glass jars and sauce bottles, building materials, batteries, globes, tins of paint, etc for targeted recycling;

* tax incentives exist for people to fix broken items like washing machines instead of throwing them away;

* textiles are made from natural fibres like hemp, so micro plastics don't fill our oceans; and

* all our paper and plastics are composted instead of being sent out of sight at enormous economic, environmental and social costs?

You're allowed to BYO
BYO packaging

All around Hobart, businesses are encouraging people to BYO plate, fork and mug. YES it is OK, legal and cool to BYO, as long as you take care and ensure your containers are clean. According to the City of Hobart, "It is strictly an individual business decision for a proprietor to choose to go down this path by allowing customers to bring in their own mugs/bowls, etc. to be filled as part of a takeaway sale".  Find ways to have your reusable packaging at the ready. Serious, it's not impossible, you just need to plan ahead and find clever products (like those pictured from Teros) and clever ways to remember.

Carrotmob is proudly funded by Sustainable Living Tasmania and the City of Hobart Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant program. 
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