Business Sustainability and Energy Audits

Business Sustainability and Energy Audits

We work with your enterprise to save money, improve sustainability and reduce stress.  The following services can all deliver operational savings to your business.

Solar PV Tariff Optimisation Energy Audit Contract Negotiation

Solar Power is experiencing a widespread uptake especially in commercial settings. Systems have the ability to deliver Returns on Investment between 20-30% P.A. in the right scenarios. However every site is different and not all solar proposals are equal. We have the experience to identify great Solar PV opportunities and select appropriate technical solutions for your context.

On large “contestable” electricity sites the electricity tariff can be changed each year.  The difference between the best and worst business tariffs can exceed $10,000.  Our detailed analysis models your energy usage under all available electricity tariff structures.  If you are on the best tariff already, we won’t charge you for the analysis.                                                                           

We deliver targeted, level 2 and level 3 energy audits to AS3598.1.   We have delivered dozens of audits to residential aged care, commercial facilities, councils and schools.  Our audits include an analysis of potential upgrades and their likely payback period.  Audits often lead to extensive upgrades in areas of heating, lighting and hot water systems.                                                             

Our knowledge of the National Energy Market can inform your enterprises choice of energy contract.  We will represent you and assess the best electricity and metering contracts. We suggest that you also undertake "tariff optimisation" at the same time as negotiating your contract.                                                                                                                                                         

Improve the triple bottom line

Partner with Sustainable Living Tasmania to improve your organisations triple bottom line.  We deliver carbon and waste audits and are interested in facilitating organisational change within any Tasmanian business.

Enterprise Sustainability Plans Carbon Audits Waste Audits
We will work with your business to manage waste, water, carbon and energy.                                                                                                                                         We deliver a carbon audit to meet the requirements of the National Carbon Offset Standard.                                                                                                           

The War on Waste can be fought in your enterprise.  We can audit specific operations and develop waste reduction strategies for your whole business.

For more information or a detailed proposal, please contact:

Scott Blacklow
Phone: 03 62819364 or 
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