For businesses

We offer a range of professional services for businesses, government agencies, community organisations, etc, focused on reducing operating costs while improving environmental impacts, including:

  • Energy audits to Australian Standards
  • Solar optimisation
  • Tariff optimisation
  • Electricity contract negotiation
  • Assistance with procurement of energy products and services
  • Carbon audits to international standards, and advice on offsetting
  • Waste audits
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility policy, and strategy development
  • Electric vehicle integration plans
  • Education & training workshops

We have a wealth of experience delivering the above services to a diverse range of clients, including small to medium businesses, aged care facilities, public and private schools, local governments, State Government agencies, and Government Business Enterprises.

Contact Scott Blacklow or Todd Houstein to discuss tailoring our services to your specific needs, or select from one of our standardised services below: 6234 5566 or