About the offer

The heat pumps

This deal is for the high quality Fujitsu 6kW wall-mounted heat pump at $1,499 plus installation. A quote for installation will be provided upon site inspection, but is generally around $1000.

Other sizes and floor units are available at discounted prices. It's important to get the right model for your needs. Sackett will recommend the best model for you upon site inspection. The 6kW wall-mounted model is suitable for many households.

Wall Units

  • Fujitsu wall unit 3.2kW system (ASTG09KMCA) - special price $899 (suitable for small rooms)
  • Fujitsu wall unit 6kW system (ASTG18KMCA) - special price $1,499 (suitable for most living areas)
  • Futjitsu wall unit 8kW system (ASTG24KMCA) - special price $1699 (suitable for larger open plan living areas)

 Floor Units

  • Fujitsu floor unit 6kW system (ABTG18LVTC) - special price $1,999  (suitable for most living areas)
  • Fujitsu floor unit 8kW system (ABTG24LVTC) - special price $2,299  (suitable for larger open plan living areas)

We need at least 100 people to get these special prices so, if you are interested in being part of this please express your interest before 15 December.

We are providing this special bulk purchase with Sackett Services who specialise in Fujitsu.  Fujitsu are currently the market leaders in the air-conditioning and heat pump industry.  They have a 5 year residential and commercial warranty, trained service agents and an excellent service and spare parts division.

The process

  1. You complete our Expression of Interest form (this is now closed)
  2. You send us a photo of your switchboard (i.e. circuit breakers or fuses, usually located in or near your meterbox), by replying to this email. This helps determine whether or not your installation will be straightforward or require additional electrical works. If you're unable to email a photo then give me call on 6281 9375.
  3. We pass your details on to our installer.
  4. Our installer contacts you and arranges a date for a site inspection with you.
  5. Our installer performs a site inspection to determine the most appropriate model for your needs and how it would be installed.
  6. Our installer provides you with a quote for supply and installation. You are not obligated to go ahead at this point, you have 8 weeks to decide.
  7. You pay a deposit to our installer if you decide to go ahead.
  8. You receive complimentary membership of Sustainable Living Tasmania, which entitles you to a range of benefits, see slt.org.au/join for info.
  9. Our installer installs your heat pump and you pay the balance of the invoice.
  10. We ask you to fill in a short survey about your experience.


Thanks Sackett Services




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