Bleak Chic week 2

We’ve had a fantastic response to our survey so far, with some interesting comments and feedback, so firstly thank you for taking the time to fill it out and share on social media. We’ll be running the survey for another week before we collate the data so more responses and shares would be hugely useful- particularly a few more from the men out there.

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Australians purchase 27 kilograms of clothing per year. Whilst women do dominate the fashion market, men are fast catching up with global menswear sales increasing by 70 percent from 1998 to 2014.[1] Moreover, stats from 2016 show that Australian men spent $621 Million on online clothes shopping.[2]

Complete our survey here

Next week’s post will address some of the comments left on the survey, starting with the labour that goes into making our clothes, with some useful tips regarding how to shop more ethically and responsibly.

[1] Clare Press, Why the Fashion Industry is Out of Control- Financial Review 23rd April 2016 

[2] Found at Roy Morgan research

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