Biochar events 30% discount

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BIO-CHAR expert Frank Strie from Terra-Preta Developments in the Tamar Valley is coming down south to discuss making and using biochar in ways relevant for Tasmania at 3 events. SLT Members get a 30% discount - Woot!

An evening session at our event space (1st floor, 71 Murray St, Hobart) will be held on Friday 18th September, 6.30 - 8.00 pm, cost $15 or $20 family rate.

Frank is bringing his Tasmanian made Kon-Tiki-Tas deep cone kiln with him, and on Saturday and Sunday will demonstrate its use with a demo and seminar in the Huon Valley and Tasman Penninsula. These sessions will cost $30 or $40 family rate, and be held:

Sat 19th Sept 1 - 4 pm Mountain River Hall, Dip Road
Sun 20th Sept 1 - 4 pm Copping Hall, Marian Bay Road