Bequest options

Regardless of the size of your gift, you can help us advocate for environmental respect and educate and re-skill Tasmanians.Your bequest will make a profound and lasting contribution to protecting our environment for future generations. There are a number of ways that you can bequest, ranging from establishing a trust, through to providing a residual bequest.

Here are some ways you can bequest:

  • Residuary: leave the residue of your estate after specific bequests have been left to family and friends;
  • Percentage: leave a nominated portion or a fixed percentage of your estate to Sustainable Living Tasmania
  • Pecuniary: leave a fixed cash amount
  • A specific asset: leave a specific gift, such as property or shares;
  • Life insurance policy: Sustainable Living Tasmania can be the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Once you have decided on the type of gift you would like to leave the next steps are:

  • Consult your solicitor
  • Make your Will or update it. A codicil can be added to your existing Will noting the change.
  • Include in your Will the type of gift you wish to give to charity
  • Review your Will every few years to ensure it continues to reflect your wishes

Suggested wording

It’s important to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee when making your Will and the following wording is a guide only and is subject to your solicitor’s professional legal advice in the preparation of your Will:

“I give to Sustainable Living Tasmania (ABN 84 197 085 255) ……% of my estate OR the rest and residue of my estate OR the sum of $...... (nominated gift amount) for its general purposes free of all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death, and I declare that the receipt of its Executive Officer, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.”


“I give, the residue or (percentage) percent of the residue of my estate; OR the sum of $(amount); OR (specified items) to Sustainable Living Tasmania (ABN 84 197 085 255) to be held upon Trust and to be applied towards sustainability purposes in accordance with the Constitutional objectives of Sustainable Living Tasmania in its absolute discretion to determine.”


To be certain that your bequest reaches us, it is important to use our full legal name ('Sustainable Living Tasmania') and registered Australian Business Number (84 197 085 255). 

Sustainable Living Tasmania is entered on the Register of Environmental Organisations.  All donations, bequests and testamentary gifts are credited to the Sustainable Living Tasmania Fund, the public fund maintained by Sustainable Living Tasmania for its principal environmental purposes as required by law.  Bequests and other testamentary gifts made under a Will are not tax-deductible. 

We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter. All bequest information given to Sustainable Living Tasmania is held in the utmost confidence. Feel free to ask your solicitor to inform us on your behalf or contact our Executive Officer for a confidential discussion:

Todd Houstein phone: (03) 6234 5566; email: [email protected]

Thank you for your generosity and foresight. Please let us know if you've included Sustainable Living Tasmania in your Will or are considering it, so we can thank you properly.