Beetroot Dip

Any recipe with a big handful of mint and beets is bound to be successful. Mint is best fresh and because it grows vigorously without much love in the garden or a pot, it's easy to have handy near the front door. Ask your local community garden if you can pull a piece out, roots and all, plant it, then watch it take off. Yum. 


4 medium sized beetroot

100g Feta

1 big handful of fresh mint

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Boil beetroot whole in large pot of water until they are cooked through (use the skewer test). Cool so they can be handled. Remove skin, it should just peel off.

In a food processer, add the peeled beetroot, feta and mint then blend. Add olive oil while processor is turned on. Keep adding until the dip is a dip like consistency.

Season with salt and pepper, add more mint or feta to taste.

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