Bank Australia

Bank Australia and SLT working together

Sustainable Living Tasmania and Bank Australia have partnered to offer a home loan from an ethical bank that drives positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes.  By partnering with a bank that does not finance fossil fuel projects we can all help make this a reality.

Find out more about ethical banking and a home loan that doesn’t cost the earth.

For each Bank Australia home loan taken out by Sustainable Living Tasmania members and supporters, we will receive 0.40% of the home loan value.  This money comes entirely from Bank Australia and does not affect your interest rate, fees or loan structure in any way.

Bank Australia offers very competitive rates and these funds allow Sustainable Living Tasmania to build a sustainable living movement in Tasmania that drives transformational change. Our vision is for Tasmania to become greenhouse neutral by 2035 and play a leadership role in achieving global sustainability. 

Bank Australia is 100% customer owned.  This means they are not bound by the demands of investors and act in the best long term interests of customers.

Read about SLT supporter Mary, and why she switched to Bank Australia and how.

They also make it easy to switch your home loan.  Enquire here to make the switch.