(Photo: Apricus - Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System) 


Solar can provide up to 75% of your hot water needs during a Tasmanian winter and all of them in summer.

Apricus has been at the forefront of solar hot water technology and Sustainable Living Tasmania recommends Apricus because we believe they offer the best products on the market.

Thanks to our partnership we will be offering fantastic packages on Apricus systems for 1-2 bedroom houses and 3-4 bedroom houses at the Sustainable Living Festival.  Just visit the SLT or Apricus stall for details.

Six years ago every state except Tasmania agreed to phase out electric hot water cylinders because they are terribly inefficient.

Compared to conventional water heaters, solar systems cost more upfront, but they’re worth it in the long-term thanks to the savings you’ll make on your electricity or gas bills. Government rebates are also available.

Apricus systems convert energy from the sun through ‘evacuated’ cylindrical tubes on your roof. These solar collectors are made of two glass layers with a vacuum in between, which helps stop the captured heat energy from escaping back into the atmosphere. Combined with their built-in frost protection, this means they perform extremely well in Tasmania’s cold climate.

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