You're allowed to BYO

All around Hobart, businesses like Frankies Empire in Elizabeth Street (thanks for the yummy photo) are encouraging people to BYO plate, fork and cup. YES it is OK, legal and cool to BYO, as long as you take care and ensure that your containers are clean. City of Hobart Environmental Health Manager Mark Dwyer provided us with clarification to ensure that there is no confusion.  

"It is strictly an individual business decision for a proprietor to choose to go down this path by allowing customers to bring in their own mugs/bowls, etc to be filled as part of a take away sale. 

The business must keep their own crockery, cutlery, food containers, etc clean and free from contamination before the customers use them.

It would be wise therefore for proprietors to ensure that any customer items such as mugs/bowls that they accept to fill with food are also clean and not dirty or otherwise unacceptable.

It would be wise for proprietors to have a sign displayed that requests customers take the effort to ensure their mugs/bowls, etc are properly cleaned before bringing them in.

Yummy food at Frankies


This project is proudly funded by the City of Hobart 
Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant program. 


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