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Calculator for the Power-Mate in Home Energy Audit Toolkits

  All Tasmanian councils have Home Energy Audit Toolkits to borrow for free. Contact your local. We have created a simple calculator to help you use the Power-Mate. Use the calculator Continue reading

Should I install a home battery system?

Almost certainly not. Here's why... Continue reading

Should I switch to the new energy retailer in Tasmania?

With the arrival of a new energy retailer 1st Energy, Tasmanians finally have a choice. Should you switch? Continue reading

Solar basics

Confused about solar? Start here... Continue reading

The biggest and cheapest battery you didn't know you already have

The vast majority of Tasmanian households already have a battery (of sorts) that stores more energy than a Tesla Powerwall 2 at only a few percent of the cost! Continue reading

Which Tariff should I use?

You can reduce your electricity bills by making the most of the (relatively) new time-of-use Tariff 93. Continue reading

How does solar panel orientation affect performance in Tasmania?

Solar panels work best when they face the sun, but the sun’s position changes with the time of day, and it changes seasonally too. Big solar farms use fancy tracking systems to keep panels facing the sun, but for home systems, it’s best to fix them to your roof. So then how does the slope and orientation of your roof affect the output of your solar panels in Tasmania? Continue reading

The most detailed techno-economic modelling of solar and batteries in Tasmania ever

In late 2018 we performed the most detailed techno-economic modelling of solar and battery systems in Tasmanian conditions ever undertaken. Continue reading

Compostable plastics

Are they the solution to plastic pollution? Well, they are certainly less bad, but unfortunately they're no silver bullet. Continue reading

Plastic pollution and what to do about it

Tips on what you can do about plastic pollution for each type... Continue reading