Add a shop to our carrotmob map

As we've walked the streets looking for retailers to join Carrotmob we've found that a large percentage have already switched to compostable packaging. As so many retailers are ready to go plastic takeaway packaging free, both Kingborough and the City of Hobart are investigating a phase out of all plastic takeaway packaging by around 2020! Please show your support for businesses as they switch and lead the way so that our local Government representatives might have the bravery to implement such a progressive phase-out.

We've started making a map of shops that have moved away from traditional plastic packaging and we'd love your help. It's as simple as asking the shop owner if they use compostable takeaway packaging, then adding a pin (with the shop name and location) to a Google map (no sign-in required). Click the box in the right hand corner to edit the map.

Add a shop to our shared Google map