About Tassievore

The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is all about increasing our consumption of local food and drink. Growing, sourcing and cooking the amazing produce that Tasmania has to offer and getting together with your friends and family, or complete strangers for that matter, to share in the bounty. It’s time to wash off your quinoa, dust off your pasta roller, pull up your root vegetables and get celebrating the joys of eating delicious food and creating a vibrant local economy.


Held annually, the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge encourages Tasmanians to enjoy local produce, support local businesses and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Tasmania is such an amazing place for eaters and growers alike and there is a huge range of fresh, seasonal produce is tasty and great for your health. Buying local helps all Tasmanians by supporting local growers, producers and businesses. Being a Tassievore is also good for the planet as you are reducing the distance food has to travel from farm to plate.

Looking to the future, we believe it is important that Tasmanians learn to live from locally produced foods.  This is a starting point in the process. We will take on this challenge and encourage as many other Tasmanians as possible to join us for the journey. Whilst doing so we will document our stories on our facebook page and work with Tasmanian producers, retailers and eateries to promote Tassie food and help make it easier to find. We wish to create demand for the local food industry and, in the process, support sustainable living and a vibrant, connected Tasmanian community.

What are we aiming to achieve?

  • Increased knowledge and skills in sourcing, growing and preparing Tasmanian foods.
  • Increased consumption of local foods as a proportion of overall food consumption (i.e getting more Tasmanians to make the most of our fabulous produce)
  • Greater promotion of Tasmanian producers and supporting businesses
  • Reduced carbon footprint of food
  • More connected food system
  • Greater understanding of the gaps which currently exist in Tasmania’s food supply.

Started in 2012, the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge was initiated by Sustainable Living Tasmania, and runs  in collaboration with Tasmanian School Canteen Association and Eat Well Tasmania.  There is also an amazing group of dedicated volunteers, based around the State, who make it all possible!  We are Tasmanians who are passionate about supporting our local producers and small businesses; encouraging people to grow their own; and creating sustainable communities.